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Alternative Therapies, P.C.

Personality Assessment

New Personality Assessment using the Disc Profiler

Life is about relationships – let us help you understand, learn and grow from your self-discoveries. ACC offers a comprehensive online personality and behavioral assessment that provides you with insight to your personal blend of DISC personality styles. The DISC Personality test is a nonjudgmental survey for understanding behavioral and personality styles.

The DISC™ Personality Profile is defined from an analysis of the 42 most/least choices you made in responding to our survey. The results clarify and validate your uniqueness as an individual having your own set of feelings, attitudes and behaviors. More fully understanding yourself will guide you toward the best behaviors and choices in adapting to your environment, both personal and professional.

This report provides a prediction of how you may think and act in responding to life’s situations. You are encouraged to use this information as a guide for self-improvement and growth. Your personality portrait is The four primary colors are used in the Portrait Predictor to facilitate fast, easy identification of your personality type. These colors are found in the graphics and narrative of the report. The colors are related to the four D-I-S-C types as follows:

Direct — Red

Inspire — Yellow

Support — Blue

Correct — Green

Claim and celebrate your color in the discovery process.

Only at ACC can you receive the DISC profile and a free live interpretation via online chat or phone consult all for only $49.95. Sign up for the assessment and within 24 hours you will receive confirmation of your purchase and the code necessary to take the assessment. In just a matter of minutes (10–20 minutes), your answers will post and within 24 hours a Professional will contact you to set up time and modality for your live interpretation. You choose when!
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